Positive News from Our Center

The students and staff of the Rev. Oreste Pandola Learning Center are so proud to salute Mrs. Pina Culotta. As an ardent supporter of our Center, she assists with numerous projects. She provides assistance to our Italian American Community by sharing her expertise in completing applications for pensions from Italy and navigating this difficult process. In addition, she serves as a substitute teacher, and assists in the Italian Card games classes presented by her husband- Paolo and Vincenzo Mirarchi. We are so proud of her accomplishments!



On November 15, 2020 Pina Maria Valenziano Culotta was a guest of the Rai Italian TV program "CristianitÓ" hosted by Sister Myriam Castelli. Christianity is one of the most attentive and most followed "Vatican news" abroad.


Pina Culotta was interviewed on the Fourth World Day of the Poor. Pina told her story as an Italian emigrant- her long service to the Italian community at the Consulate, her current commitment as a volunteer to help young people who have lost their jobs in this time of COVID-19 and the many Italians who suffer from loneliness and needs assistance. Pina spoke about the Italian community and how many people emigrated from Cefal¨ to Maryland.


Pina Maria Valenziano Culotta emigrated in 1959, at the age of 13, with her parents Maria Vizzini and Pasquale Valenziano. In Baltimore, Pina met her husband, Paolo Culotta. Pina and Paolo have two children: Gianfranco and Tania and three grandchildren Giovanni, Eleonora and Gianluca. She added that she retired on January 3, 2008 after 42 years with the U.S. government and received the gold medal for public service, "Distinguished Public Service Career." Pina continued as a volunteer for the Italian Consulate in Baltimore helping fellow citizens until December 2016. Later she continued to volunteer for the INAPI Patronage in Washington, DC always helping fellow Italians. She noted that I return to Cefal¨ twice a year because I love it so much and to visit relatives and friends. I was proud to be present at the emigrants' festival in 2019 and to have given the opportunity to contribute to the initiative, carried out by Cefalunews and Rosa Maria Aquia.